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Learn How To Use Hootsuite

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Master the Hootsuite dashboard, learning skills like composing and scheduling multimedia messages, listening for relevant conversations, and managing social media campaigns.

You will Learn:

Get an overview of the Hootsuite dashboard, and guides you through the first step of setting up your account–connecting social networks.

Learn to use the Hootsuite dashboard to find relevant conversations and engage with your community.

Learn the basics of publishing content in Hootsuite, including how to compose and schedule messages for all the major social networks.

The Hootsuite App Directory lets you add applications to your dashboard. Learn how to install and use the applications.

Aprende Cómo Tener Éxito En Las Redes Sociales

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En este curso aprenderás cómo llevar tus habilidades de Marketing en Redes Sociales a otro nivel: desde optimizar tu presencia en las redes sociales más usadas hasta crear una estrategia de marketing social sofisticada y más.


En esta lección aprenderás cómo generar tácticas, tomar en cuenta fechas y tiempos clave, definir la personalidad/voz de tu marca en las redes y adaptar las tácticas de marketing de contenidos a tus redes sociales.

En esta lección aprenderás las complejidades y beneficios de las cinco redes sociales más populares del momento: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram y YouTube, cuando se trata de construir una comunidad en la redes sociales.

En esta lección aprenderás las mejores prácticas para compartir contenido en redes como Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat y YouTube.

En esta lección aprenderás las mejores prácticas cuando se trata de grabar, editar y compartir contenido de video, así como también consejos y trucos para transmitir videos en vivo en Facebook, Instagram y Snapchat.

Learn to Succeed at Social Marketing

Social Marketing Training

Develop the social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement—and business results.

In this course you will learn how to take your Social Marketing skills to the next level, from optimizing your presence on the major social networks to creating a sophisticated social marketing strategy, and more.

You will Learn:

Learn how to generate tactics, define brand persona and voice for social channels, and adapt content marketing tactics to social media.

Learn the benefits of five major networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube for building a community on social media.

Learn network best practices when sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Learn best practices for filming, editing, and sharing video content—as well as tips for live video on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

All Courses

Advanced Social Advertising Training

Master expert tactics, procedures and best practices to target key audiences, build and test ads, optimize social ad campaigns and take your social media advertising skills to the next level.

Advanced Social Media Strategy Training

Learn advanced strategies for leveraging social media across your organization with industry-leading training and certification. In partnership with Syracuse University’s renowned Newhouse School.

Social Selling Training

Discover how to find, research, and connect with prospects on social media with targeted content—while gaining market insights.

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Launch your social presence right, with the world’s only Continuing Medical Education accredited course in social media for health care professionals. In partnership with Mayo Clinic.

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Comprehensive education on every Hootsuite product and feature and feature, tailored to members who are part of an Enterprise Team.

Foundations of Social Advocacy Training

Learn how to build your personal brand, engage effectively, and become a respected and responsible user of social media while representing your brand online.

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Discover how to find, research, and connect with prospects on social media to drive better qualified leads — while successfully navigating the financial services regulatory landscape.


Brands using Hootsuite Academy

Algunas de las marcas que utilizan Hootsuite Academy

Earn industry-recognized social media certifications that will make you stand out from the crowd.

But GYPSYs aren’t about to just accept that.

Paul Harvey, a University of New Hampshire professor and GYPSY expert, has researched this , finding that Gen Y has “unrealistic expectations and a strong resistance toward accepting negative feedback,” and “an inflated view of oneself.” He says that “a great source of frustration for people with a strong sense of entitlement is unmet expectations. They often feel entitled to a level of respect and rewards that aren’t in line with their actual ability and effort levels, and so they might not get the level of respect and rewards they are expecting.”

For those hiring members of Gen Y, Harvey suggests asking the interview question, “Do you feel you are generally superior to your coworkers/classmates/etc., and if so, why?” He says that “if the candidate answers yes to the first part but struggles with the ‘why,’ there may be an entitlement issue. This is because entitlement perceptions are often based on an unfounded sense of superiority and deservingness. They’ve been led to believe, perhaps through overzealous self-esteem building exercises in their youth, that they are somehow special but often lack any real justification for this belief.”

And since the real world has the nerve to consider merit a factor, a few years out of college Lucy finds herself here:

Lucy’s extreme ambition, coupled with the arrogance that comes along with being a bit deluded about one’s own self-worth, has left her with huge expectations for even the early years out of college. And her reality pales in comparison to those expectations, leaving her “reality – expectations” happy score coming out at a negative.

And it gets even worse. On top of all this, GYPSYs have an extra problem that applies to their whole generation:

Sure, some people from Lucy’s parents’ high school or college classes ended up more successful than her parents did. And while they may have heard about some of it from time to time through the grapevine, for the most part they didn’t really know what was going on in too many other peoples’ careers.

Lucy, on the other hand, finds herself constantly taunted by a modern phenomenon: Facebook Image Crafting.

Social media creates a world for Lucy where A) what everyone else is doing is very out in the open, B) most people present an inflated version of their own existence, and C) the people who chime in the most about their careers are usually those whose careers (or relationships) are going the best, while struggling people tend not to broadcast their situation. This leaves Lucy feeling, incorrectly, like everyone else is doing really well, only adding to her misery:

So that’s why Lucy is unhappy, or at the least, feeling a bit frustrated and inadequate. In fact, she’s probably started off her career perfectly well, but to her, it feels very disappointing.

Here’s my advice for Lucy:

1) Stay wildly ambitious. The current world is bubbling with opportunity for an ambitious person to find flowery, fulfilling success. The specific direction may be unclear, but it’ll work itself out—just dive in somewhere.

The continue statement, also borrowed from C, continues with the next iteration of the loop:


The Buy Online Outlet Buy Cheap Visa Payment halter neck body Pink amp; Purple Tufi Duek Cost Sale Online High Quality Cheap Price Discount Sale 9dKwIGlp
statement does nothing. It can be used when a statement is required syntactically but the program requires no action. For example:


This is commonly used for creating minimal classes:


Another place Browse Pre Order Cheap Price DENIM Denim outerwear Motel High Quality lsEpECBfa
can be used is as a place-holder for a function or conditional body when you are working on new code, allowing you to keep thinking at a more abstract level. The pass is silently ignored:


We can create a function that writes the Fibonacci series to an arbitrary boundary:


The keyword def introduces a function definition . It must be followed by the function name and the parenthesized list of formal parameters. The statements that form the body of the function start at the next line, and must be indented.

The first statement of the function body can optionally be a string literal; this string literal is the function’s documentation string, or docstring . (More about docstrings can be found in the section Outlet Prices Womens Tinco FineGauge CashmereSilk VNeck Sweater The Row How Much 18CDrXw
.) There are tools which use docstrings to automatically produce online or printed documentation, or to let the user interactively browse through code; it’s good practice to include docstrings in code that you write, so make a habit of it.

The execution of a function introduces a new symbol table used for the local variables of the function. More precisely, all variable assignments in a function store the value in the local symbol table; whereas variable references first look in the local symbol table, then in the local symbol tables of enclosing functions, then in the global symbol table, and finally in the table of built-in names. Thus, global variables cannot be directly assigned a value within a function (unless named in a global statement), although they may be referenced.

The actual parameters (arguments) to a function call are introduced in the local symbol table of the called function when it is called; thus, arguments are passed using call by value (where the value is always an object reference , not the value of the object). [1] When a function calls another function, a new local symbol table is created for that call.

Custom Search

The table below lists all transformation parameters currently supported by Cloudinary. For each parameter you can see the short name that you can use for manually building transformation URLs and the longer name that is accepted by the relevant methods of all our client libraries.

The following image showcases a complex example of image transformations that includes resizing, cropping, multiple image overlays, dynamic text overlay, image rotation and more.

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Ruby PHP Python Node.js Java JS jQuery React Be Cool Be Nice white hooded sweatshirt Dsquared2 New For Sale Free Shipping Wiki Buy Cheap Genuine pCrUYH4N
.Net Android Womens Lamb Fur amp; WoolCashmere Coat Boon The Shop Extremely Free Shipping Clearance o6kT9SrzE
URL: image/upload/ w_220,h_140,c_fill/l_brown_sheep,w_220,h_140,c_fill,x_220/l_horses,w_220,h_140,c_fill,y_140,x_-110/l_white_chicken,w_220,h_140,c_fill,y_70,x_110/l_butterfly.png,h_200,x_-10,a_10/w_400,h_260,c_crop,r_20/l_text:Parisienne_35_bold:Memories from our trip,co_rgb:990C47,y_155/e_shadow/ yellow_tulip.jpg

The reference table below lists the transformation parameters that are the building blocks for creating a multitude of manipulated images. You can see the possible values for each parameter and a usage example with a sample image for illustration. You can create a wide range of effects and transformations by chaining together any combination of the parameters listed below.

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