38 Bcs Preliminary Syllabus And Marks Distribution 2017

April 27, 2017
bcs preliminary syllabus

    BCS Preliminary Syllabus And Marks Distribution

BCS stands for Bangladesh Civil Service. It is a competitive examination which takes place nationwide by Bangladesh Civil Service Commission to select the efficient civil servants in different sectors such as Admin sector, Foreign sector, Police sector, Education sector and some of other sectors. Here i am discussing about Bcs preliminary syllabus and marks distribution.

BCS is the most lucrative job in Bangladesh. It brings honor , power, money and self- satisfaction as well. Now a days it has become more competitive and dream  job for the young guys. It is not so easy to be a BCS cadre but it is achievable. First of all a student have to face BCS preliminary examination. The first thing for a candidates have to keep faith in one’s quality and to be confident. A candidate should have to follow a regular schedule which is realistic and well planned. A student should have clear concept over the BCS preliminary syllabus and find out his strength and weakness about all subjects.

A candidate should not have to be a day dreamer. He must have to be hardworking and he has to go forward with the right strategy. Always our results are rewarded not our efforts. So preparedness is more important for a candidate. It is not so easy to make a good preliminary preparation. I suggest to make a good preparation one will have to study seriously what is needed and have to stay away from the unnecessary things which just kill ones time but not fruitful at all. if one become failure he has to take this preparation again which is not only test of patience but also boring in many of times. Students should collect qualitative reference books on various subjects according to syllabus.


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So become successful in BCS field you will have to be dedicated in your goal. You will have to arrange all those books, newspaper and other sources which will help you to pass the examination. Group study is important many a times if they don’t waste their time by gossiping. It makes many difficult topics easy and helps to memorize many critical information easily.

I can say that BCS preliminary exam is the most important part for an applicant.  Success in preliminary exam boosts ones confidence and makes him hopeful to go ahead toward the dream job.

Before getting prepared for examination one has to understand preliminary syllabus clearly. From the 35th BCS Bangladesh Public Service Commission has changed BCS preliminary syllabus. Before 35th BCS students have to seat for 1 hour.

examination with 100 marks. Now students have to face 200 marks with 2 hours in the exam hall. 1 mark is allotted for a single question and   0.5 marks will deducted for every wrong answer. Download  38 BCS preliminary syllabus and marks distribution from given link.


bcs preliminary syllabus download

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